We train, build and advise on Blockchain Technology.

Bitnatives is a multi-disciplinary team of blockchain consultants, developers and educators. We conduct blockchain training for executives and developers, and develop technology for corporations and startups.

Executive Briefings

Blockchain Technology and its Implications

Blockchains and Distributed Ledger Technology are hailed as the next frontier in computing. Learn about the different types of blockchains, how they work, their application, and what opportunities you can tap into in your industry.


Blockchain Development for Programmers

Learn how blockchains work by building one. Get introduced to Solidity, the programming language that powers the Ethereum Virtual Machine, then learn to program smart contracts and launch your own ERC20 cryptocurrency.


Blockchain Implementation and Staffing.

We consult for corporations and startups looking to implement blockchain technology or hire blockchain developers.


Workshops & Events